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Presenting: The Great Bible Bundle
The Great Bible Bundle:
A true treasure for those who love the Hebrew Bible
Click on images to a see a complete description of each product You'll also receive this great CDs: 1. Reading the Bible in Hebrew tutorial that includes Genesis chapters narrated in 2 reading speeds. It will be very useful to train you in Bible reading.

 This wonderful Bundle offers you a complete selection of the most professional, useful products:

 The Phonetic Hebrew English Bible
  Biblical Hebrew Home Study
The Entire Bible (OT) spelled phonetically in Hebrew And English. With Accent marks for easy pronuniciation. Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters! Also get FREE an MP3 audio CD with over 65 hours of narration of the Bible.
 biblical hebrew program

World's friendliest tutorial for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books! Spiral Bound


The updated, upgraded, extended and full color edition is bound together with the Biblical Hebrew Home Study new Spiral edition.
An incredible study tool - World’s richest Biblical program! This program now works on Windows 10

The Keys to the Bible - Explore its surface! Research its depth! Includes BIBLE CODES. Top Bible research program - No knowledge of Hebrew is necessary. * Bilingual Bible text in parallel columns * Most advanced Bible Codes tools * The 613 Commandments of the Torah (365 Prohibitions and 248 Mitzvot). Each is linked so that with a click you see the commandment in the Bible text and can see it in Hebrew and English translation * List of Biblical names with translation * English & Hebrew concordance * Biblical lexicon * Seven methods of Gematria * On screen tutorial * Torah Portion of the Week * Complete concordance of Biblical festivals: Explains the 7 Jewish Feast days and scriptures which show aspects of these Festivals. * Much more features!

This Bundle offers the best value for a professional yet very friendly training and research tools of Biblical Hebrew

Sale! The Great Bible Bundle: (Reg. $199.00) ONLY $99.00 + $9.50 shipping (US only)
International air shipping to most countries - $31.00
you'll receive these five great products for only $99.00!

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