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The love songs of the Bible - Song of Songs Item # BM17
Item # BM17
Executive Producer: Dov Zeira Producer & Editor: Nava Loden Cover
Design: lvgeni
Brashkov Graphic & Print Production: Hadas E. Yerushalmi
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1. Dodi Li - My Beloved is Mine (Gabriella Danieli, Sang in Hebrew).
10. Erev Shel Shoshanim - An Evening of Roses (Elana Watson, Sung in Hebrew).
2. Beloved You are Fair (Avner & Rachel Boskey Sung in English & Hebrew,
11.In My Bed at Night - (Gidi Koren & Pearl Grindiand, Sung in English).
3. Shir Ha'shirim Be'Sha'ashu'im - A playful Song of Songs (Ofra Chaza, Song in Hebrew).
12. Hinach Yafa Ra'ayati - Behold, You are Beautiful mg Love - (Joseph Nlusataki Sung in Hebrew).
4. Megadim - Delicacies (Aliza Azikari Sung in Hebrew).
13. Tapu'ach Chinani - Graceful Apple (HaDudaim Duo, Sung in Hebrew).
5. Let him Kiss Me (Gidi Koren & Pearl Grindland, Sung in English).
14. Livavtani - You have Stolen My Heart (HaParvarim Duo Sung in Hebrew).
6. Shecharchoret - Morenica (HaGevatron Sung in Hebrew).
15. You Have Ravished my Heart (Gabriel Butler, Sung in English & Hebrew).
7. Ke'Tapu'ach - As an Apple (Elisheva Shomron sung in Hebrew).
16. Echezu Lanu Shu'alim - Little foxes (Elisheva Shomron Sung in Hebrew).
8. A Fountain of Gardens - (Dani Sagi Sung in English & Hebrew).
17. Hinach Yafa Ra'ayati - You are fair my Love (Kibbutz HaMayanpil Trio, Sung in Hebrew).
9. El Ginat Eooz - To the Nut Grove (HaParvarim Duo sung in Hebrew).
18. Machrozet Aviv - Spring Medley - (HaGevarron Sung in Hebrew): Ki Hine HaStav Avar - Behold the Fall has Past; El Ginat Egoz - To te Nut Grove; Nitzanim Nir'u Ba'aretz - Flowwes Appear on the Earth.
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