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The soul of the Jewish Violin
Item # BM3
25 most famous Yiddish/Jewish melodies
played by Boris Savchuk. A delightful new CD
See the complete 25 songs list on the back cover:

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1. Roshinkes Mit Mandlen   7. Avriemel Der Marvicher  
2. Chiribim, Chiribom Medley
8. Beigalach
3. Moyshele, Mayn Fraynd
9. Kinder Yoren Medley
4. Papirosen 10. Oyfen Veg Shteit A Boym
5. A Yiddishe Mamma
11. Kartofel Zup Mit Shvomen
6. Belz Medley 12. Efsher Yo Un Efsher Neyn
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