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30 minute Seder - The perfect Passover Haggadah for families on the go!

 PREVIEW 30 MINUTE SEDER PAGES - click each image for a large page


Passover instructions
Chametz Removal
Candle Lighting
Seder Ingredients
Blessing over the Wine
Afikoman (Yachatz)
Answering the Questions
The Four Children
"Let My People Go!"
The Ten Plagues
Dayenu & Prayer
Symbols of Passover
Bitter Herbs
Elijah the Prophet
Conclusion (Nirtzah)
Next year in Jerusalem
Traditional Seder Songs
More Seder Songs



Is this Haggadah "Kosher"? Has it been approved by a rabbinical authority?
The 30minute-Seder™ Haggadah has been rabbinically approved for Passover for accuracy, and spiritual and historical content.

Can I see what 30minute-Seder™ looks like before I buy it?
You can view the entire Haggadah by clicking on the "view sample pages" link on the right.

Is this really a 30 minute Seder?
Yes, this Seder can be performed from start to finish in 30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes if you go straight through, and about an hour if you take your time, sing the songs, and stop for some discussion.

Does this Haggadah tell the whole story of Passover?
Yes, the 30minute-Seder™ tells the whole story of Passover, from the birth of Moses to the parting of the Red Sea.

Are enough prayers included?
Most of the traditional prayers are included and have been re-written in gender sensitive language. They are all in English; most are also in Hebrew with transliteration.

Is the 30minute-Seder™ written in the Ashkenazic or Sephardic style?
It is written in the Sephardic style; meaning words like charoset are spelled "charoset" rather than "charoses" and matzah is spelled "matzah" rather than "matzo".

What does "matzot" mean? What does "Haggadot" mean?
Matzot is the plural form of matzah and Haggadot is the plural form of Haggadah.


2 editions available:

30minute-Seder Haggadah Standard 6"X 9" format book - $6.95


30minute-Seder Haggadah large 8.5"X 11" format book - $9.95

This enlarged book format is perfect for those members of the family that prefer reading larger print.
This version is exactly the same as the 6" x 9" 30minute-Seder only larger. This means that the whole family and every guest can follow along and be on the same page throughout.
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ORDER NOW! ONLY $6.95 Standard 6"X 9" format Haggadah + $5.50 immediate shipping (US only)
ONLY $9.95 Large 8.5"X 11" format Haggadah + $5.50 immediate shipping (US only)
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