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Trope Trainer Features


Trope Trainer's main Features
To see the program's screens with more details click on the links in the text below

    Optionally view English translation next to Hebrew

    • View a full musical score of each reading

    • Optionally: export readings to iTunes for your personal study. (iTunes exports are available for purchase. The software comes with a Preview of iTunes exports with three free export sessions.)

    Play a word, phrase, verse or entire reading. (View main TropeTrainer screen.)

    • Adjust the speed and pitch of singing to match your voice and level of proficiency.

    Select the pronounciation (Ashkenazic or Sephardic) that you wish to hear.

    • Select a melody (niggun) style. Various styles standard to many Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform synagogues - from Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions -are included.

    • View an English translation of each verse and a transliteration of every word with your pronunciation selection and see musical notes in your selected melody.

    • Display texts in your choice of Chumash, Torah (Stam), or two-column Tikkun style.

    • Display and print whole portions or selected aliyot. Single verses or user-selected combinations of verses can also be selected for display and print to account for local customs.

    • Learn from portion itself, or learn from tutorials for beginners and reviewers alike that demonstrate the important aspects of tropes and cantillation.

    •Use the more than 35,000 exercise examples from actual Torah and Haftarah phrases and verses to get almost unlimited practice. (Exercises are organized by groups of tropes.)

    • Identify reading stops for full, triennial,holiday and weekday readings.

    • Optionally show customizable colored highlights that identify common trope phrases and optionally show colored tropes that distinguish lord and servant tropes.

    • Distinguish Sh’va-na and Sh’va-nach, Qamatz-gadol and Qamatz-katon to aid in proper pronunciation.

    • Use the Reading Selector to automatically display combined and separate Torah portions based on year and location. Special holiday Maftir and Haftarah readings are automatically displayed. Readings can also be selected from a "perpetual" Jewish Holiday calendar showing all days when Torah is read. Bar Mitzvah planning couldn't be easier!

    • "Singing" trope charts are included for those with previous cantillation experience.

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