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Trope Trainer Tutorials


TropeTrainer™ Tutorials
TropeTrainer software includes lessons that teach the critical aspects of tropes and cantillation so that you can chant from any reading.
Here's an example of a lesson:

Once the user has learned some of the basics of the group of tropes being discussed, the melody of those tropes is introduced, and the user can do exercises to insure that the tropes being taught can be chanted in all of the combinations found in the Torah or Haftarah.

Special "flash card" exercises help the user learn the shapes of the trope symbols and reinforce remembering their melodies:


The user can press the "Play" button and hear the names of the tropes being sung.

Over 35,000 phrases from Torah and Haftarah are used in exercises so the student is able to chant the tropes with the real biblical phrases in which they appear:


The user can play the entire phrase, or any word or group of words in the phrase any speed from fast to slow, from high to low pitch, in Ashkenazic or Sephardic pronounciation, and in the melody of choice.

No other teaching method (short of a private tutor) offers this level of control over the learning experience!

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