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The Hebrew Language Essentials Charts and Reading Set will solidify your grasp on Hebrew reading and basic grammar

Guaranteed to be the easiest and most practical beginner Hebrew learning set you could find! 

 Hear narration samples below...
Hebrew Essentials Chart Sample
7 pages on 4 double sided durable high gloss charts plus training audio CD:

  • Beautiful multi-color design for emphasis and ease of use
  • Includes both the Hebrew alphabet and the Hebrew sound system
  • Includes a reading training chart with every Hebrew letter connected to every vowel
    • Narration of two Psalms chapters, a passage from Proverbs, and a classic Jewish tale
  • Most texts are slowly narrated on a 70 minute training audio CD
  • Teaches the patterns of the Simple conjugation of verbs in the Present, Past, Future and Imperative tenses
  • Explains the structure of Hebrew roots
  • Highlights the basic infinitive forms
  • Two sided durable UV coated cover stock
  • A new, very useful chart teaches you the all verb patterns in a simple way
    • Learn the Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew reading, Hebrew writing and Hebrew grammar, all with one product...
    Hear a sample of normal speed reading Hear Sample Hear a sample of slow speed reading Hear Sample

    Hear a sample of very slow speed reading Hear Sample 

    See now, the brand new Hebrew Prayer Essentials Charts and CD and the Biblical Hebrew Essentials, all included in the new Hebrew Essential Bundle below

    Learn the Hebrew Basics, The Biblical Hebrew special elements and the Hebrew Prayer Essentials with this great bundle


    Order now this exciting new tutorial!

    Hebrew Language Essentials: Regular price $39.00, Online price:$29.95

    Special Introductory offer - NOW ONLY $24.95 + $6.50 S & H (US only)
    International air shipping to most countries (1 set) - $18.00

    If you buy 2 sets - you'll get the 3rd set free of charge


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