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learn hebrew

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Choose the right Hebrew program for your level and interest
hebrew world
Hebrew World
The newest, hottest CD-ROM on the market. Utilizing advanced phonetic concepts, this interactive program is ideal for children, yet sophisticated enough for the US embassy staff in Tel Aviv. Hebrew World is entertaining, intriguing and enlightening. Loaded with beautiful graphics, sounds and music, it is the friendliest, most effective Hebrew program ever produced. Guaranteed. Windows and MAC   Only $49.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples

hebrew for beginners
Living Israeli Hebrew - For the Beginner... the very Beginner!
In just a few short hours learn how to read and write. This clear and straightforward workbook has been specially created for English speakers with absolutely NO previous knowledge of Hebrew.* Use it at home, at your own pace * *Learn both modern and Biblical Hebrew * With music, Bible and a useful expressions supplement * Native Israeli narration in a clear, word-for-word, S L O W L Y speaking audio CD *Flash cards set included. Only $39.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples
= Speaktionary - Hebrew Speaking Picture Dictionary Over 1800 files of sounds, pictures and videos! THE BEST COMPANION TO ANY HEBREW PROGRAM SpeaktionaryThis exciting program includes Hebrew, English and transliteration for every picture SpeaktionaryEasy to use, elegant, friendly, and entertaining CD-ROM for children and adults alike.
Only $39.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples

modern hebrew

*HEBREW GOLDEN BUNDLE* Only $119.00 You save $100.00!

Includes 5 of our best programs at a substential discount. * Language trainer * Vocabulary builder * Bible study * Audio Bible* Conversation * OUR BEST!

Only $119.95 - Click for more details

welcome to hebrew
Welcome to Hebrew
World's most advanced Hebrew course for beginners and beyond! You've got a speaking part on screen! 3 Video Active™ DVDs + book
In the 30 lessons of this course, you'll learn over 1200 new words! (more than what's covered in an ordinary Israeli Ulpan class!). The 228 page book contains 30 translated lessons with explanations, and English transliterations. VIDEO-ACTIVE™; A unique method that boosts your speaking ability; at the end of each lesson, you'll actively participate in the dialogue by means of subtitles and your teachers will respond! Only $99.00 - Click for more details, and screen shots
biblical hebrew

Biblical Hebrew
The most comprehensive program available for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books! This program includes everything you need to master reading, writing, analyzing, and translating Biblical Hebrew! Featuring 42 sections and dynamic lessons, Biblical Hebrew contains a wealth of fascinating information, including all the unique aspects of Biblical Hebrew and amazing colorful tables and charts.Also included FREE: the upgraded, extended full color best seller Living Israeli Hebrew book. Only $59.95 - Click for more details, and screen shots
babylon hebrew dictionary

Babylon Dictionary
Introducing: The amazing Babylon
the 2009 electronic edition of the world's best Hebrew/English Dictionary
Read below Why does Babylonleave all other dictionaries far, far behind?
State of the art, Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew translator with 6,200,000 (yes, over six million) words and 300,000 Expressions and idioms!
Only $129.00 - Click for more details, screen shots


Hebrew Essentials Chart and Audio CD


  3 Hebrew Essentials Sets - Charts with an Audio CDs - will solidify your grasp on biblical Hebrew, reading, grammar, and Hebrew Prayer
These high-quality charts with accompanying audio CD's will teach and reinforce your Hebrew skills in reading and grammar.
  • Reading practice chart with two Psalms chapters and a classic Jewish tale
  • All texts are slowly narrated on a 72 minute training audio CD. Double sided durable high gloss charts with an accompanying training audio CD for each of the 3 sets. Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and Prayers sets.
    $24.95- Click for more info...
    hebrew conversation  
    Practice Hebrew Conversation with Fun
    Includes: * 25 conversation segments and a short story * Features male and female voices * 2 levels: with and without English * English translation for every line of speech in this CD * Speaking slowly and clearly * Printable booklet with all the Hebrew conversation segment (from our web site) *CD that is much fun to study with *Save time! listen to the CD as you drive Only $29.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and
    The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet
    The Sacred Letters as a Guide to Jewish Deed and Thought
    The Hebrew Alef-Bet is more than a simple series of letters - it is a source of values and priorities. It provides its own perspective on life. Discover each letter's unique meaning and what it contributes to our understanding of how the world was created.
    View 18 full pages of this book
    Only $29.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples
    hebrew software
    Dikduk 1 + 2 - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
    You can read Hebrew. You may know some basic vocabulary. Now, it's time to take the next step. It's time for Dikduk! * Understand and learn Hebrew grammar with informative, imaginative lessons, combined with challenging, enjoyable and entertaining quizzes and exercises! You'll study: Parts of speech and how to use them in sentences, Roots, Verbs in past, present, future and other categories, Pronouns, prepositions,and much more... Windows and MAC   Only $49.95 each - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples


    Jumbo Hebrew Flash Cards
    We added a new line of Jumbo Flash Cards - now also in Cursive and Rashi letters, each printed on both sides. *8.5"X11" Cover Stock, corner rounded for children and adults safety *31 cards (22 alphabet letters, vet,chaf,fey,seen + final letters * Includes a beautiful full color Alphabet chards with many features   Only $14.95 - Click for more details
    hebrew phrasebook



    hebrew phrasebook

      Hebrew Phrasebook for adults A new and up-to-date phrasebook, together with 3 CDs. The phrasebook contains around 2000 fully transliterated words and expressions relating to areas of everyday life (basic expressions, at the hotel, restaurants and food, shopping.., Read more..   Hebrew Phrasebook for Children It's easy! It's fun! Each phrasebook contains 160 words, sentences or expressions suited for children. Each Hebrew sentence or expression has its own colorfully illustrated page, including transliteration (the Hebrew word written in English letters... Read more,,   Each Only $19.95 and 24.95 - Click for more details

    Let's Speak Hebrew
    With this Book and DVD:
  • Learn to speak like a native with regulary conversations and vocabulary
  • Fully vocalized Hebrew on the DVD so that the accent can be perfected
  • It's easy it's fun and most of all you are learning from Israelis so you'll end up sounding natural - like you belong!
  • It's much like you learned your first language - just by seeing watching and observing you get the "hang of it"...

  • Only $48.95 - Click for more details, and a sample of the DVD
    learn hebrew

    Hebrew Verbs and Conjugation Book and CD

    A 230 Page Full Color Book and a DVD. Comprising 4,000 useful Hebrew verbs translated into English. The dictionary also provides a short summary of the Hebrew alphabet and vowel signs. Complete and Comprehensive. It allows you to look for a particular verb and its conjugation pattern. It includes verbs from spoken language and even slang. All verbs are printed with letters denoting vowel sounds.Book and DVD   Only $39.95 - Click for more details
    hebrew idioms
    The Treasure of Hebrew Idioms
    2 AUDIO CDs
    with over 2 hours or recording + a 2 color booklet
    Regardless of your level you can now enrich your speech not just by adding words to your vocabulary, but by understanding and using the most important 500 crown jewels Hebrew Idioms - translated, narrated and explained in simple English on 2 audio CDs and a 40-page booklet.
    Only $29.95 - Click for more details, screen shots and sound samples



    Reading the Bible in Hebrew
    Practice your Hebrew reading with selected chapters from the book of Genesis! Reading Hebrew can be fun! This wonderful audio CD will lead you through the first 4 chapters of Genesis. In fact, it has 8 tracks which you can use for both reading practice and for listening or meditation. Each chapter is narrated twice; once in regular reading pace, and second time in a slow reading pace.   Only $15.95 - Click for more details and sound samples
    modern hebrew

     Ready for Reading
    The next step after acquiring the basic knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet and the vowels. For children and adults who don't mind easy tutoring style tutorial. Chock-full of games, music, and sound educational instruction, Ready for Reading will take your child on a fun-filled ride through the levels of Hebrew reading, beginning with two-syllable words, and ending with reading of complete paragraphs. Along the way, your child will learn how to identify and recognize two, three, four, and five-syllable words. Each exercise contains enjoyable, entertaining games that will hold your child's interest. Windows and MAC Only $34.95 - Click for more details
    learn hebrew
    Other Hebrew learning tools, programs and accessories
    Davka Writer 7 Hebrew Word Processor

    Practical Bilingual Dictionary  

    Hebrew Expressions of Love & Endearment

     Other Bible learning tools, programs and accessories

    Hebrew Speaking Bible
    The Keys to the Bible
    Tanach with Rashi
    Who is Who in the Bible
    The Whole Talmud on CD-ROM
    Psalms of the Heart
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