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Translating Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew texts. Professional, precise, express 12-48 hours service
The translation will be sent to you as a sharp and printable PDF document which you may print from your own printer.
General - Our translators will provide you with any personal translation including letters, notes, and other regular texts.
The cost of translating general texts is $50.00 per hour. Most short translations usually take an hour.
Religious - Our translators will provide you with a translation of any Biblical, prayer, either from Hebrew prayer books or your own. We also translate other religious documents such as tracts, testimonies, Ketubbas and various personal writings.
We have years of experience of translating for many religious organizations across the world. The cost of translating religious documents is $50.00 per hour.
Business and Technical - Our translators will provide you with a translation of any business documents such as bank's reports, agreements, advertisements, proposals and other business related documents and forms.
We have been translating for large companies such as American Express, Best Western Hotels, McDonnell Douglas and many more. The cost of translating business and technical documents is $70.00 per hour.
Legal - Our staff of translators include Israeli lawyers that will provide you with translations of legal documents such as birth certificates, court forms and any other legal text. We will also notarize the document if needed.
We have years of experience of translating for various US court and government agencies. The cost of translating legal documents is $70.00 for per hour.
Minimum order for any kind of translation - 1 hour.
You may send your English text as regular email text.
Send Hebrew text as PDF or as scanned jpeg or gif format. In case you are unable to send your document in one of these forms, you may send it as a text document (such as .doc).
Send your text by email along with contact information and we'll contact you with the estimated time needed to complete your translating job.
For any questions - Call us : 480-998-9588 or 800-998-5698
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