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presenting: Hebrew Writing Styles: Biblical, Torah books, Modern


There are four major writing styles in Hebrew: Torah Style, which is called "Stam."
This is an abbreviation of the three uses of this style: 1. Torah books, (Sefarim) 2. Tefilin
3. Mezzuzot. Mezzuzot is the plural of Mezzuzah.
Religious Style, which is found in Jewish prayer books, ketuba and other
documents of religious character such as marriage certificates, invitations etc.
Modern Print Style, which is vastly used for all modern Hebrew communication
purposes such as books, letters, official documents, software and multimedia.
Modern Cursive Style, which is the handwritten style in Israel and across the Jewish world.

 Four letters: "Alef," "Hey," "Vav," and "Yood" (see HEBREW ALPHABET) of Hebrew are also used as vowels in modern Hebrew. There is ample use for these letters since books, newspapers, personal letters, notes and formal documents are written without vowel marks. Vowels are used mostly by students in early stages of learning Hebrew. Some forms of writing, such as poetry, use vowel marks. Also, prayer Books and Biblical texts are always printed with vowel marks. Since Biblical texts and "Sidurim" (prayer books) use archaic words, all Hebrew print editions of the Bible and the Sidurim use vowels in order to make reading easier and clearer for readers.
Found in Torah books, Tefilin & Mezzuzot

Found mainly in prayer books & ketubah

Found in all modern texts

The writing script style
Click here to see the cursive style
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