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presenting: The Most Beautiful Hebrew Alef-Bet designer letter
The Most Beautiful Hebrew Alef-Bet CD-ROMs
and English Jewish Art Letters
Volume I, Volume II, Volume III
A variety of complete sets, high quality images including vowel marks and numbers. All sets are available
in high resolution, ready to print in your documents and projects, and in ready for the web, optimized
images in JPG and PICT formats. For both PC and Macintosh computers.
All images are 3D.

 Volume I (disk 1) - Click on each letter to see full size details
Phoenix   Gold  

You can use any of these sets for your personal design for artwork, newsletters or the web.

Each comes as a complete set with most charechters you would find on a regular keyboard, including numbers.

See sample of the other 2 disks below
Volume II (more great Hebrew letters)
Click on to see the beautiful samples
Volume III (more great Hebrew letters)
Click on to see the beautiful samples
You can use all these images and more, for your personal
documents, presentations, newsletters, your web site, and your E-mail.
Ready to use, royalty free!
Volume I (disk 1) - ONLY $39.95 + $5.00 immediate shipping (US only)
Volume II (disk 2) - ONLY $39.95 + $5.00 immediate shipping (US only)
Volume III (disk 3) - ONLY $39.95 + $5.00 immediate shipping (US only)
International air shipping to most countries - $9.00
Special Offer - Save $50.00!
Buy 3 volumes for only $69.95 + $5.00 immediate shipping (US only)



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