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Presenting: Jewish Posters

Fabric Collage Tapestry / Posters

(Read about the artist and her work below)


Joy of Torah Poster
This magnificent poster is the reproduction of the best known artwork of Bat Zvi.
Measures: 25" x 16"

ORDER NOW! ONLY $19.95 + $7.00 immediate shipping (US only)
International air shipping to most countries - $13.00
The original of Joy of Torah is a large fabric collage tapestry 96" X 60" and is available for sale.
Ideal for synagogues and community centers.
Please, call us for details
At the Wall Poster
This beautiful poster is the reproduction of the other well known artwork of Bat Zvi.
Measures: 25" x 16"

ORDER NOW! ONLY $19.95 + $7.00 immediate shipping (US only)
International air shipping to most countries - $13.00
About the artist

Accepted by the Avni Institute of Art in Tel Aviv as its youngest student at age 16, Bat-Zvi studied under some of Israel's leading artists who served as guides and patrons early in her career.

became one of Israel's top fashion designers following her military service. She developed lines of fine leather garments and art-to-wear which made a tremendous impact upon both the European and U.S. markets and were prominently featured in many international shows.

lived in Africa in the early 1970's. During her years there she constantly struggled to find art supplies and materials. Paints, brushes, and canvas were scarce. Finally, an unexpected alternative emerged from the local street bazaar. Bat-Zvi's early experimentation with the vibrant and colorful fabrics she found at the marketplace developed into a new form of expression called "Fabric Collage Tapestry." Her thirty-plus years of working and perfecting this technique have culminated in many art gallery shows, museum exhibits, media recognition and international acclaim.

When working in Fabric Collage Tapestry,uses the patterns and designs of the fabrics to create a total composition. Each layer is meticulously cut to fit a specific part of the design and then is carefully positioned to contribute to the total creation. The work begins with a large background fabric, serving as a base upon which several more layers are built. A completed tapestry could include up to ten layers of both opaque and translucent fabrics, including nets in various colors for purposes of depth and shading effects.

's works are currently found in galleries, private collections, and museums in the United States and around the world. Utilizing her mastery of different media she captivates her audience with beautiful tapestries, acrylic paintings, bronze sculptures, as well as mixed-media creations using unconventional and exotic materials. Her work has the feel of three-dimensional layers of extremely varied colors, demonstrating total control of the media, an acute understanding of color composition, natural balance and a powerful message.

has captured the spirit of people with love and sensitivity. Pueblo Indians in a spiritual dance, Jewish devotees praying at the "Wailing Wall," soldiers in pain, "Children of the world", "Carnival in Rio", "Faces of Tel Aviv", and "People who Dance" are among the many themes explored by this prolific artist. The viewer is drawn to a rich and unique interpretation of the human experience, compelled to explore Bat-Zvi's riveting universal language, which always reveals new emotions and new stories.

Bat-Zvi © 2000-2007

's "Fabric Collage Tapestry" Process

The renowned Fabric Collage Tapestry artist Bat-Zvi uses existing patterns and designs on fabric to create a total composition. She meticulously cuts each layer to fit a specific part of the design and then carefully positions each layer to contribute to the total creation. The result is most unusual fabric tapestry used to beatify the walls of private homes, businesses, places of prayer and art exhibits.

A Fabric Collage Tapestry begins with a large piece of background material serving as a base upon which Bat-Zvi builds several more layers. Many tapestries contain as many as 10 or more intricate layers of fabric, including transparent silks and nets in various colors.

has acquired mastery of this medium and has achieved new heights of powerful expressions. She is the only artist known to work in this technique. She develops her works by using a particular theme or idea and then exhibits them in museums and art galleries around the world, or as commissioned works for a specific event or client.

Finish: Tapestries can be framed with or without glass. They may be finished with Velcro strips along the back edges for easy installation, or they may be hung with a bar at the top. Tapestries do not require any maintenance.

Uses: Tapestries are created to accommodate the client's needs--with special attention to color, size and other specifications as required. Bat-Zvi's work has been commissioned for public buildings, banks, airports, shopping centers, private homes, places of worship, hotels, restaurants, offices, and for portraits. Tapestries are used as acoustic barriers, as a solution for curved walls, to decorate high walls and stair cases in private residences as well as public buildings.

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