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Famous Yiddish melodies played by Boris Shavchuk

Soul of the Jewish Violin Volume 2

Item # BM31

Soul of the Jewish Violin Volume 2
Track Listing
1. Kinder Yorn
2. Vus bistu broigs
3. Hulyet Hulyet Kinderlach
4. By mir bistu Shein
5. Main Yiddish Meidele
6. Dos gezang fun mein hartz
7. Oifn pripitchik (Schindler's List Film)
8. Reyzele
9. A bissale mazel
10. Yankele
11. Tsu shpeit
12. Yuh main taiere tochter
13. Mamalet - Medley
14. A bissele parnusse un gezint
15. Ich hob dich zu-fil lib
16. Shir Ha'maalot (A song of ascents)
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