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All of the following Hebrew Software programs are compatible with Mac OS


Hebrew English Phonetic Bible

The Entire Bible Translitered in Hebrew And English, Over 4000 pages! Now includes accent marks for perfect Hebrew reading

Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters!

All Mac OS X


Davka Writer 7 for Mac

The New Hebrew word processor from Davka built from scratch to provide perfect support for working with Hebrew!

Click the image to see more about this program

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

hebrew world

Hebrew World Multimedia

The newest, hottest CD-ROM on the market. Utilizing advanced phonetic concepts, this interactive program is ideal for children, yet sophisticated enough for the US embassy staff in Tel Aviv. Hebrew World is entertaining, intriguing and enlightening. Loaded with beautiful graphics, sounds and music, it is the friendliest, most effective Hebrew program ever produced. Guaranteed.

Mac OS 7-10.6

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Golden Hebrew Multimedia Bundle!

A great savings (over $85) with the Transliterated Bible, Hebrew Learning tools and more...

Mac OS 7-10.6
Golden Multimedia Bundle

Speaktionary - Hebrew Speaking

Picture Dictionary Over 1800 files of sounds, pictures and videos!THE BEST COMPANION TO ANY HEBREW PROGRAM This exciting program includes Hebrew, English and transliteration for every picture Easy to use, elegant, friendly, and entertaining CD-ROM for children and adults alike.

Mac OS 7-10.6

Biblical Hebrew

The most comprehensive program available for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books! Master reading, writing, analyzing, and translating Biblical Hebrew! Featuring 26 interactive and dynamic lessons, Biblical Hebrew contains a wealth of fascinating information, including summaries of each book of the Bible and a colorful atlas of Biblical maps.

Mac OS 7-9 + 10.6
biblical hebrew
modern hebrew

Ready for Reading

The next step after acquiring the basic knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet and the vowels. For children and adults who don't mind easy tutoring style tutorial. Games, music, and sound educational instruction, Ready for Reading will take your child on a fun-filled ride through the levels of Hebrew reading, beginning with two-syllable words, and ending with reading of complete paragraphs. Enjoyable, entertaining games that will hold your child's interest.

Mac OS 7.5.3-10.6

Modern Hebrew

All the tools you need to improve your Hebrew language skills, with twenty-one interactive lessons designed to increase your level of Hebrew language comprehension. Exercises and quizzes. A memorable journey through Israeli culture, with songs, photos, and more. Improves, enhances and increases your conversational skills and overall language comprehension, grammatical principles, reading tutorial.

Mac OS X up to 10.6

modern hebrew
hebrew software

Dikduk - Beginners & Intermediate

You can read Hebrew. You may know some basic vocabulary. Now, it's time to take the next step. It's time for Dikduk! * Understand and learn Hebrew grammar with informative, imaginative lessons, combined with challenging, enjoyable and entertaining quizzes and exercises! You'll study: Parts of speech and how to use them in sentences * Roots and their inflections (prefixes and suffixes) * Verbs in past, present, future and other categories * Pronouns and prepositions.

Mac OS 7.5 - Mac OS X up to 10.6

Dikduk 2 The most Advanced Program

Dikduk II introduces advanced concepts of Hebrew grammar with enjoyable, original lessons, combined with challenging and entertaining quizzes that reinforce material studied in the program. You'll learn: Six grammatical constructs - Pi'el, Hif'il, Hitpa'el, Nif'al, Pu'al, and Huf'al Prefixes and suffixes Nouns, adverbs and conjunctions Interrogative (Question) words Numbers Torat Ha-Hegeh V'Hanikud. Dikduk II is visually intuitive and easily understandable.

Mac OS 7.5 -Mac OS X up to 10.6

learn hebrew
Mellel word processor

Mellel 2 Word Processor for Mac

Mellel is the leading word processor for Mac OS X, and has been widely considered the industry standard since its inception!

This program features full Hebrew/English writing with highly Advanced Capabilities for Professionals
It was designed especially for scholars, creative and technical writers, but is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a feature-rich and reliable word processor!

Learn from the Wisdom of the Talmud Rabbis

The complete Talmud CD-ROM and more..(The Treasure of Hebrew Idioms)
Only $299.00


Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

talmud bavli
Tefillah Trainer

Tefillah Trainer

TEFILLAH TRAINER - A revolutionary new tool to learn Hebrew prayer: designed for the average congregant, b'nai mitzvah student, and adult learner. Learn the Hebrew Prayers the fun way!

Mac OS X

Hebrew English Transliterated Bible

The Entire Bible Translitered in Hebrew And English, Over 4000 pages!
Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters!
On One CD with three different Bible with Advanced Capabilities

All Mac OS X

Transliterated Bible


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