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Presenting: Hebrew / English Flash Cards - self printing
Templates Ready to print from your own printer!!!
Step 1: View the actual Flash Cards. Click here
Step 2: View the sample files of the Flash Card Templates:

The samples below include ONLY the letters "Alef," "Bet," Gimel," and the sounds
"Ah" and "Oh."

You can view these files if you have the Adobe Acrobat plug- in.

To download the Complete template, you'll need to purchase it first and we'll email you the access code to the templates.
Once you've downloaded the templates, you can print the Flash Cards on your own printer. Set your printer for heavy paper so that you can print both sides on heavier stock. Print the Hebrew on one side, and the English - on the other. You can, of course, print the templates on regular paper as well. When you've done printing you need to cut the paper. See the simple instructions in the sample files below.

Please wait a few second until your browser's Acrobat plug-in opens.
View a sample of the Hebrew Flash Cards Template
View a sample of the English Flash Cards Template

Step 3: Download of the Flash Card Templates
Purchase the templates now - at 50% off regular price
Sale! $9.95 Our regular price: $19.99
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